Arturo Morales

Arturo’s own works in poetry have been presented both locally and in international translations in such countries as Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Alejandra Vergara

25 year old native chilean. She has a degree in Educational Science
from the Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso.
She taught Spanish in a school in France and in different schools in Chile. She also
organized theatre workshops, and monitored an environmental program at the National Park
“Reserva Natural Oasis de la Campana”. She speaks French and some English. She likes hiking and cycling.

Sergio Vuskovic Rojo

Professor of Philosophy of the Universidad de Valparaiso,
professor of the Universisidad de Playa Ancha of Valparaiso.
Valparaíso Mator in period 1970-1973, named by Salvador
Allende President.
Professor of Philosophy History at the Universidad de Bolonia,
Italia, 1977-1988.
Professor of Latinoamerican Philosophy, Universidad de
Ferrara, Italia, 1989.