Message on Chileprende constest

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Reasons for us to win the Chileprende contest (translation):

“Spanish school for foreigners of the city of Valparaíso. We deserve the (Chileprende) prize for our innovation and creativity in pedagogy and didactics applied to the project since 2005.
Interactive Spanish is born from the poetry that inhabits us, as a heritage city of the interculturality value as a point of development among the peoples.
We are denomination of origin. We are generating, in our environment, value to our local culture to the everyday inhabitant.
Our main promotion are the stories of our students, their attachment to the experience through language and the “porteño” (Valparaíso) lifestyle, and so they travel again to europe, oceania, north america, the different stories of a city that managed to have a planetary name.
The resources of this contest will be destined to continue to grow and generate new job quotas in the city of the poetry”